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Audit, Assessment and Inspection Services

Power Plant Consulting LC respect the critical importance for a power plant to be constructed according to the well thought and approved designs and to be operating safely and reliably. Unfortunately, many of our clients have “bug ridden” power plant(s) full of hidden defects left by turnkey EPC contractors and/or their original owner. Such defects may easily cause unsafe conditions for personnel, lead to premature equipment or subsystem failures and cause forced outages and the loss of profits.

Our experience in Asia, Middle East and certain areas of Latin America point to turnkey, EPC constructors cutting their costs and schedules by installing wrong materials (i.e. pipe, electrical, cabinets, etc.), deviating away from approved designs, ignoring many of the required codes – standards and shortcutting around basic workmanship methods and construction tests. More alarming is the fact that unskilled laborers are performing the critical installation works of the plant systems. In many cases, the owner’s team are not staffed sufficiently or experienced enough in construction methods to spot the wide variety of defective works. In many cases, the owner’s team are unable to cope with the overwhelming high numbers of non-compliant activities occur every day of the construction phase. We offer audit assessment and inspection programs designed to identify and report defects, problems or risks that may threaten personnel safety, operational reliability or lead to failures that interrupt plant operations. Our team(s) will mobilize to the project and conduct visual assessment of components, equipment, subsystems and certain plant-unit records followed by our submitting a factual “trip report” to the client(s) within a week afterwards. Team size and duration of the assessment depends on the project circumstances.

Construction Services (For Newly Constructed Power Plants)

  • Fill the gaps that exist within the owner’s team to watch the construction and commissioning work, report the gross deviations from and shortcuts around the EPC contract.
  • Confirm construction or mechanical completion status prior to EPC Contractors declaration notice(s) and prior to owner permitting start of commissioning phase or start of final performance testing;
  • Creation of the owner’s final punch list;
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • O&M operational readiness assessment that reviews procedures, interviews plant staff and inspects plant facility for safety in design prior to handover from EPC contractor to owner’s operating team.
  • Creation of owner’s warranty claims for defective construction “as left” works of EPC contractor.


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